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There's more to come -- 

Every two years, the people of Norris and its surroundings have the opportunity to transfer their unused household treasures to the loving care of some other family.  


The event is a well-anticipated feature of the long-standing calendar of the Norris Lions Club.  Collections of items for sale starts in early April, and the sale itself takes place on the first Saturday in May.


The variety of items contributed strains the imagination, from furniture to ornaments, and from useful tools to useless but amusing gadgets.


Clothing items are not normally accepted.  Electronic items are sometimes accepted with reluctance, especially in the case of old TV sets (whose main future role in life is likely to be as food for a hungry recycling crusher, or perhaps as boat anchors).


All proceeds are used by the Lions Club to support its charitable enterprises.  

Our next sale is Saturday May 6, 2017.  Put it on your calendar!

Events:  Biennial Rummage Sale