Events:  Turkey Shoot


                  The Norris Lions Club Annual Turkey Shoot


Watch for it -- a local event that is anticipated

eagerly by all those with hunting in their genes.

But whether you’re an avid hunter or you’ve

never shot a gun in your life, the annual Norris

Lions Club Turkey Shoot will awaken the spirit

of fall and the excitement of the holidays ahead

with the first crack of a shotgun on the three Saturdays of November preceding Thanksgiving.  The air will be frosty and the turkeys and hams will be frozen, but there is always a fire in the 55-gallon drum, hot coffee in the pot, and warm camaraderie with fellow shooters all around.


History has shown that skill can be an important component, but even with no skill involved, each participant has a one-in-twelve chance of being a winner.  In each round, twelve shooters aim their shotguns at targets set up at a distance of 75 feet.  The one whose pellet is closest to dead center is determined the winner of that round.  You can feel the tension as the shooters hover around the judge who carefully measures scant distances from the bull’s eye each peppered target reveals.


                                                  The event is scheduled for every Saturday in November                                                                 before Thanksgiving—from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM when                                                                 they shout the last “All clear!” on the target field. The                                                                   cost is $3 per shooter per round for a turkey and $5 per                                                                 round for a ham.  Head east on Route 61 toward                                                                            Andersonville, 1.1 miles from the traffic light at                                                                             Highway 411 and look for the site on the right.


Proceeds from the Norris Lions Club Turkey Shoot and other Norris Lions Club fund-raisers provide support for community projects including the Norris Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, glasses and hearing aids for those in need, special scholarships for youth and the many Lions District 12-N White Cane charities.